The Garden Club at Palm Coast in the News

On February 18, 2020, a team of 4 came together at Mary Ellen Setting’s house to record a new radio spot for Spring Festival 2020. Mary Ellen’s husband Dennis has a recording studio where it all happened. Thanks Dennis for your expertise and equipment!

Carol Geran wrote the text and Marinus Grootenboer lent his voice for the audio clip. Dennis recorded the voice track and selected and mixed the music.

You can find the result on the front page of the Club website and also right here. Take a listen:

Also present at the recording session was Danielle Anderson, a reporter for the News-Journal. She took photos during the event and published an article on March 4th, which you can read here:

On the same page you can also read the article about the March Selection of the Month. The result: a full page in the News-Journal filled with Garden Club in the news!!

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