Scholarship Programs

The Garden Club at Palm Coast sponsors a Scholarship Program that encompasses three wide avenues to benefit the Community.

  1. The High School and Beyond Scholarship Program. This program goes from pre-application, in conjunction with The Flagler Educational Foundation, to the application, selection of students to the giving of Scholarships for students to enroll in horticulture, agriculture, or environmental science fields in an accepted college or university. The Club also sponsors an extended scholarship to those who continue in their studies, we presently have sponsored three students. High School students must apply through the Flagler Education Foundation website:, application deadline is January 5, 2024.
  2. The second scholarship sponsored is the Wekiva Summer Camp Program. This is a residential program for 3rd through 8th-grade students who learn through nature studies and hands-on experiences about conservation and protection of the environment.
  3. The Community Financial Assistance Program is designed for any organization that provides a learning experience or sponsors an educational experience for a student who may need financial assistance. In the past, Whispering Meadows, Hammock Gardens, and a Historical Society landscaping project have benefited from this Program.


2023 Lilly Achins (Flagler Palm Coast HS), Abby Amaturo (Matanzas HS), Jessica Neal (Flagler Palm Coast HS)

2022 Olivia Denino (Flagler Palm Coast HS), Gabriella Monroe (Flagler Palm Coast HS), Alyssa Sa (Matanzas HS), Victoria Wilcox (Matanzas HS)

2021 Francely Rodriguez, Anniston Schake, Kyleigh Ruddy, Ashley Andrews (Flagler Palm Coast HS); Alexandra Feldman (Continuing Scholarship).

2020 Abigail Denino, Rose Riley (Matanzas HS); Mason Steinwehr, Elizabeth Wolcott (Flagler Palm Coast HS); Alexandra Feldman (Continuing Scholarship).

2019 Sarah Baugher and Abigail Miner (Flagler Palm Coast HS). 2018 Alexandra Feldman (Flagler Palm Coast HS); Alexandra Harris,
Danny Rayl, Erin Robinson (Matanzas HS).

2017 Christopher Caschera, Daniel Thomas, Casandra Gubula (Flagler Palm Coast HS); Josh Ore (Continuing Scholarship).

2016 Brandy Dougherty, Mackenzie Smith (Flagler Palm Coast HS); Josh Ore (Continuing Scholarship).

2015 Autumn Sanson (Flagler Palm Coast HS); Haley McQueen (Matanzas HS); Josh Ore (Continuing Scholarship).

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