September 2023 Selection of the Month

Luisa and Faustino Rosas of New Leatherwood Drive have been recognized as September 2023, Selection of the Month by The Garden Club at Palm Coast.

Originally from Baja, Mexico, they lived in San Jose, California, then moved to Palm Coast six and a half years ago. Luisa’s grandmother and mother were gardeners. Luisa designed her entire landscape and brought many plants and beautifully decorated pots from California.

Located on a corner lot, you see so much beauty and color all around, such as five types of Miami supreme gardenias, California gold bougainvillea, iceberg roses, Miss Francis crape myrtle (lipstick red), bottlebrush tree, bird of paradise, yellow azalea, bleeding hearts, glory bower, plumeria and so much more.

The front entryway leads you into a large, beautiful courtyard showcasing orchids, cacti, various begonias, bromeliads, water fountain, geraniums, crotons, red and pink mandevillas, various palm trees, and different kinds of ferns used in arrangements.

In the back fenced-in area, she has many fruit trees: figs, lemons, limes, oranges, guava, papayas, olive bush, dwarf avocados, alfalfa, Japanese persimmon, hot and sweet banana peppers, several herbs: chives, parsley, cilantro, bay leaf, lemon and German thyme, rosemary, oregano and three kinds of mint.

Submitted by Nancy Iandoli
Selection of the Month Committee

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11 Responses to September 2023 Selection of the Month

  1. Susan Mitchell says:

    Luisa is my good friend and I’ve been to her home many times. It’s always such a beautiful visit with the Rosas’s. Luisa is a wonderful hostess and cook and a miracle worker in the garden. Her skill blows me away. This award is so earned and deserved.

  2. JoAnn Rufrano says:

    Beautiful article and pictures. Well deserved recognition for Louisa. To say Luisa is gifted and knowledgeable when it comes to anything in the family of horticulture is an understatement. She could give a master class on the subject and I would be hard pressed to say anyone would be able to come even close in matching their instructor. So there’s the artistic creative design that goes into each of Luisa’s gardens. Then there’s the actual planting so that every flower and plant grows into its own beauty. And then there’s watering and maintaining these magnificent gardens. It becomes a family affair. Just drive by and you’ll see Tino hard at work. Arturo and Luis will pitch in too when they’re not working their regular jobs. There’s a lot of labor going on here but it’s a labor of love. The end result testify to the motivating force behind Luisa’s gardens – LOVE

  3. Andre Wright says:

    What an honor, for the Garden Club of Palm Coast to shower Luisa with such a prestigious recognition, “September 2023, Garden Selection of the Month.”

    I was given a tour of what I like to call Luisa’s “Garden of Eden” hands down it’s just beautiful, breath taking, a mixture of flowers and plants sprinkled with a whole lot of Love.

    Congratulations Luisa, 🎊

  4. Hilda Moore says:

    A beautiful yard and garden complement your home.
    Luisa did it. She has a green thumb and knows her plants. She truly deserves this honor. I feel like I’m at a botanical garden when I visit her. She should ha e s garden show!

  5. Tamarr says:

    Luisa is a beautiful person inside and out, so it’s no wonder her garden is just as beautiful. She also assists my husband and I with our fur baby. She treats him as her own. Our whole family loves her and Tino.

    Way to go Tino & Luisa, love it!

  6. Lloyd Buckland says:

    Luisa Congratulations I have heard you have earned some award for your exceptional beautiful garden. you certainly deserve it. I have admired your hard work and noticed it is a labor of love and not a chore. it is a credit to you and your neighborhood.

    I enjoyed the tour you once gave me. I was very impressed of the wide variety of plants and your unmatched knowledge about them.
    Congratulations again keep up the good work.

    Lloyd Buckland.

  7. Sylvia Buckland says:

    I had the privilege of Louisa showing me round this amazing garden the variety and color of flowers was stunning I loved the orchids, roses and geraniums just to mention a few. Then another part of the garden with the fruit trees and herbs. This truly is a garden you will never see anywhere else like this one. It’s hard to believe that a family alone can take care of this garden. It shows what can be done if you really love and enjoy what you are doing especially when you see the magnificent results in this garden.

  8. Albert Dominguez says:

    Congratulations Luisa! This is a well deserved award. Luisa es maravillosa, beautiful inside and out. Her garden reflects her love and care. When I visited and stroll through the gardens, I was transported back in time to the beautiful garden of my childhood back in Spain. A well deserved recognition for my dear friend whose garden is a reflection of her personality and it’s a credit to our creator.
    We love you Luisa 😘

  9. Luis Rosas says:

    Congratulations mom! 👏 What’s for dinner?

  10. William Rivera says:

    Congratulations Luisa I agree with everyone’s comments. It’s a beautiful garden and it reminds me of a botanical garden that I used to visit a lot in Brooklyn New York not only does she have beautiful flowers and fruit trees, but she also makes a awesome drink with some of the herbs that she grows. With a beautiful garden like that it would be an honor for me to live next-door to her and her family again beautiful garden and a well-deserved award. With what you have done to that property I can only imagine how when God put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, how it must’ve looked. You have your little
    Eden .Congratulation We love you all.

  11. Eva Cropper says:

    I agree with everything that has been said. I will just add this. I loved Luisa the moment I met her. She is engaging and giving. To visit her home and family is a treat! I’m sure the plants are responding to the love and care she gives to each of them; nothing is set without meaning. The Garden Club made an excellent choice. Congratulations my dear Luisa!

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