Arrangers’ Guild

The Arrangers’ Guild is a group that has a love for floral design. Sadly this year due to the pandemic we will not be having regular meetings that we can share and practice our designs.  However, we plan on having contact through various medium.  I will be communicating with the group primarily through email.

At this time there are no face to face meetings.  The Extension Service where we regularly meet is not allowing meetings.  Therefore I am expecting no group meetings until at least January 2021 and perhaps not even then.  I will with the help of the members be posting items of interest to everyone through email and the Garden Club website.

Our regular meeting date is the third Tuesday of each month. If you have and interest in arranging beautiful plant material please join us as we all learn the techniques of floral design.  We will have classes—-may be an online discussion, a written article, pictures, or perhaps a zoom meeting.

For further information please call Linda Hensler, 386-437-2613 or email



Looking forward to seeing or hearing from you.  Be safe, stay healthy.