The Garden Club at Palm Coast

The Festival will take place at the  Palm Coast Arts Foundation, 1500 Central Avenue, Palm Coast Town Center.

Members of the Garden Club at Palm Coast are busy working on the organization of the 2021 Spring Festival and Plant Sale.

Organizing a festival of this size takes a substantial amount of effort. To make the project manageable a series of committees has been setup to tackle well-defined tasks. An overview of the committees will be posted soon.

Each committee is managed by one or several chairpersons. Please open the document Committee-Chairs-2021 3-2-2021 to see who is responsible for each committee. You will also notice that in the current version of the Chair Person list there currently are no open slots, but additional volunteers are always welcome.

Please volunteer for a role that attracts/suits you and submit your name to the organization via the club email address: Info@GardenClubAtPalmCoast.ORG .

Going forward Club Members will find a growing wealth of information and instructions for their roles on this page. Please visit this page regularly and stay informed.

Message from the President of the Garden Club at Palm Coast

Hello Garden Club Members,

I hope this message finds everyone safe and healthy.

This time I am addressing you via video.

You may watch the video by clicking on this link:

Message from the President of the Garden Club

Stay safe and healthy! Enjoy your garden,

Carol Walker, President
Garden Club at Palm Coast

Welcome to The Garden Club at Palm Coast

Our Garden Club is very active:

  • We hold monthly meetings where speakers present interesting topics
  • We organize fundraising events and sponsor a number of scholarships.
  • Our Arrangers’ Guild practices the creation of beautiful flower arrangements
  • The Propagation Guild explores the many kinds of plant propagation.

Monthly Meetings – NEW UPDATE (3-5-2021)

Starting March 8, 2021 The Garden Club at Palm Coast will start having their monthly meetings at the VFW outside pavilion located at 47 Old Kings Road N, Palm Coast.  The meeting gathering will start at 12:00; you can order a lunch from the VFW menu and enjoy the outside with other club members and get caught up.  VFW only accepts cash for your lunch order.  The meeting will start at 1:00PM outside.  Our April and May meeting will also be held at the VFW.  Covid-19 guidelines will be followed with masks and social distancing.

Previous meetings can be viewed on the Members Page – they are listed there as virtual program.

Everybody will be able to enjoy the previous meeting programs at their own convenient time and pace. All regular meeting items are included, from opening words by the President to the status presentations by the various committees and groups.

Meeting your Officers and Board Members

We invite you to visit our new page “Meeting your Officers and Board Members”, where you can find Videos presented by your Officers and Board Members for the Club Year 2020-2021.

This web page can also be found in the menu bar under the home page menu item  “Garden Club”.

Becoming a New Garden Club Member

Please visit the Membership page

Attention: Membership Renewal dues for 2021-2022 season is due in March and are delinquent after May 10th.  You can pay at the membership meeting, on the website or send a check to Susan McConnell.

The dues are still a bargain for what the club offers throughout the year:
* Individual Membership $30.00
* Couple Membership $45.00

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Programs and Projects

Every year the Club participates in many programs and projects as a service to its members and the community. The Club is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for charitable purposes. Multiple activities are organized to raise funds for good causes including the awarding of scholarships.

You are invited to make a donation to The Garden Club at Palm Coast:

Included in The Garden Club at Palm Coast website:

  • Information pages accessed via links in the black menu bar under the header
  • Blog posts (= News Items) can be found in the right hand column, arranged in order of most recent date, by month and by category
  • Events (and Meetings) can be found on the Calendar & Events page

Enjoy your visit to our Garden Club at Palm Coast website.

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