Whispering Meadows Ranch Community Project

Work at the Ranch continues!

On Thursday, Feb. 27th five club members joined Jane Villa-Lobos for a work session at Whispering Meadows Ranch. The club began this community project last year by planting several gardens, including the entrance gate and garden, a sensory garden in the play area and adding colorful plants along one of the horse trails.

The club is committed to helping this family-owned non-profit dedicated to enriching the lives of those with disabilities and special needs through recreational, educational, and equine-assisted programs.

The first work session of the year began by removing the plants in the sensory garden and converting it to a succulent and ground cover garden as it is too shady for herbs. Now it contains flapjack kalanchoe, ajuga, red dragon flower (Huernia), aloe and mother-in-law tongue.  Wax begonias will be planted to add color next week.


The front entrance beds on John Anderson Highway were bordered with wooden beams. Beach dune daisies and bleeding heart vine were added to the existing aloes. Two copper colored Aechmea blanchettiana bromeliads were planted in front of the entrance columns which make quite the statement!


The first garden you see as you enter is in dappled sun but the oyster plants, crotons, multi-colored ti plants, and ferns have survived the munching by herds of deer which live on the property. Deer repellant stakes border the garden and seem to work. Members are learning what to plant where and what plants are deer resistant, or at least what these deer don’t like.

The riding trail to the play area was refreshed with several types of bromeliads, aztec grass, wandering jew, arboricola schefflera, mother-in-law tongue, Philippine violet, and walking iris.




There are many more areas which need work, so if anyone is interested in helping please contact Jane Villa-Lobos or Janet Correia. The next work morning will be Thursday, March 5.

Article by Jane Villa-Lobos
Photos by Jane Villa-Lobos

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  1. Janet says:

    Nice job everyone; the areas look great.

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