Old Kings Elementary School Project

Planting Petunias

On January 25 six members of the Propagation Guild helped the students of the Old Kings Elementary School plant some annuals around the greenhouse and some milkweed, salvia and delphinium in the butterfly garden.




Since the last planting in early November all the vegetable plants have grown and broccoli, lettuce, cauliflower, kale and green beans have been harvested as well as many of the herbs.



Group with Eggplants

The tomato vines were trimmed, tied up and caged ready for the harvest of several types of tomatoes. Even though it was pretty late to plant eggplant in November the plants have been spared any damage from the recent cold temperatures and all 15 plants are in flower. Hopefully the students will be reaping the benefits soon.

Searching for Earthworms


A worm farm was donated by  a member of the club and the boys were eager to find earthworms in one of the raised beds to get the farm started. Worm castings or “worm poop” make an organic fertilizer which will be added to the beds by Spring.


Dr Asher with Students



Danielle Anderson from the News Tribune interviewed club members, Dr. Asher and her students about the partnership between the school and the garden club.


Students by Herbs


The students are always so excited to see the PG members come and assist with their adventure of raising their own food.




Here is a link to the article that the News-Journal published about our project:
Palm Coast Garden Club and Old Kings students grow together

Article by Jane Villa-Lobos
Photography by Jane Villa-Lobos

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