February 2019 Yard Selection of the Month

Beverly Malcolm of Parkview Drive has been selected as February 2019 Garden Selection of the Month by The Garden Club at Palm Coast.

Beverly moved from New York to Palm Coast in 2004.

This month’s yard features an Oriental theme with lovely pagodas and various statues throughout the landscape.  In several islands she has concrete benches with a seahorse etched on each side and  multi-colored tiles on the top of the seat to sit and enjoy all the beauty this yard has to offer.

The front door island area welcomes you with a Boxwood Topiary along with a two-tier waterfall, an angel holding a dove, a Fan Palm, a pagoda surrounded by mounds of Ilex Schilling Holly bushes along with some pink flamingos.

The terracotta walkways, the round and square stepping stones and curb edging compliment the deep green lawn along with colorful plants and bushes.  The left side welcomes you with a pagoda and a bench with several varieties of manicured bushes.  A large Fan Palm is surrounded with red and purple climbing Bougainvillea, another tree has a potted Wandering Jew, and a large orange Impatiens hanging pot is next to a two-room bird house.

Moving towards the back you see red Roses, Papaya tree, pink and red Pentas, Aloe, red Hibiscus, Prickly Pear, deep pink Camellias and pink and purple Bougainvillea. There are tall red Cannas, a large Jasmine, red Crape Myrtle and a large white Bird of Paradise.  The back has a seahorse bench, bird bath, Hawaiian Ti, Bromeliad, Elephant Ear plant, and Ginger with a pink flamingo and a swan taking it all in.

On the right side of house you have an island with Palm tree, a pagoda, round Ilex Schilling Holly bushes and a seahorse bench nearby.  Continuing toward the back there is a four-tier pagoda with a bird house on the top and a round island adorned with various colorful blooms.

Submitted by Nancy Iandoli
Selection of the Month Committee

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2 Responses to February 2019 Yard Selection of the Month

  1. Viola Matuza says:

    This is one of the most beautiful landscapes on Parkview Drive. Beverly and her husband are always out there taking care of their beautiful gardens.

  2. Lovina Rodriguez says:

    I have known the Malcolms for more than forth five (45) years and their yard has always been the most beautiful in their neighborhood. Keep in mind they both had full time jobs. Regardless of the circumstances rain, shine, sickness or death their garden was always BEAUTIFUL. I think the most beautiful takeaway is how their neighbors were inspired to spruce up their yards. Glad to see they are still digging it.

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