Update on Community Projects

Members of the Propagation Guild have continued their community projects with Old Kings Elementary School and Whispering Meadows Ranch this month.

Old Kings Elementary School

As a special project of the Guild, in collaboration with the marine science teacher at Old Kings Elementary School, six members assisted with the planting of vegetables and herbs in the existing raised beds in the school’s courtyard. Students from the 4th and 6th grades weeded the beds and planted a variety of cool season vegetables and herbs. They also weeded and pruned some of the butterfly plants in front of the greenhouse.

The next phase will begin in early November when the Guild assembles four more raised beds that they have donated followed by assisting students with the planting of more vegetables the school has acquired. This project benefits the “Love in a Backpack” program.

Whispering Meadows Ranch

On Oct. 23 five Guild members provided over 30 propagated plants to Whispering Meadows Ranch in Flagler Beach to complete Stage 1 of the Garden Club’s community project. Members designed and planted a sensory garden in the play area.



A concrete block stand was constructed to hold a galvanized metal bucket planted with herbs and a bird bath was transformed into a planter. Several types of ginger plants and natives were planted along the path leading to the sensory garden and play area.



The goal was to provide colorful, scented and different textured plants in several areas of the play area.



If anyone would like to see what the club has accomplished so far they are invited to attend the ranch’s fall festival on November 3 from 11am to 2pm.

Article provided by Jane Villa-Lobos.

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