November 2018 Yard Selection of the Month

Michael Racano and Charles LaFlamme of Arrowhead Drive, Hidden Lakes Community, have been recognized as November 2018 Garden Selection of the Month by the Garden Club at Palm Coast.

They moved from Rhode Island to Palm Coast in 2013.  Micheal was a Caterer and made floral arrangements, and Charles was a Director of Nurses.  Michael now retired is always working out in the yard and propagates his own plants.  He likes to buy reduced plants from Walmart and brings them back to life.  Charles works part time for Home Health Care, but also spends his free time working in the gardens.

They have a large beautiful pink flowering Bougainvillea tree that is over the front door area and blended with a yellow Mandevilla vine and continues climbing up around the house and completely drapes over the garage door.

In front of the house they have two small brick gardens that have Sage, Mint, Rosemary, Zinnias, pink and coral Roses, yellow Mums and pink Dianthus. There are two islands that each have a tall holly tree loaded with berries, Mexican Heather, Mums and pink and red Dianthus.  On the left side of the house there are Bamboo trees, Firecracker, several variegated Coleus, and a nice blue Gazing ball.

They do not use mulch, instead they plant low growing Cypress, natural ferns, Algerian Ivy and Wandering Jews. They have a fig tree, Meyer lemon, Bottle Brush tree and various trumpet plants that reseed themselves.

The back yard has an arbor with climbing Bougainvillea, purple and white bleeding hearts, Ligustrum, a white Jasmine bush that also flowers at night, Plumbago, purple and white Passion flower vine, Vinca and pink Hydrangeas.  Over time they have created a nice back yard with left over pavers and other materials left by contractors.  Michael has also made a beautiful table top from a wide piece of rope and filled the inside with shells and pretty blue and green sea glass, enclosed it with a glass top and is placed at the front door with two chairs to sit and enjoy their beautiful yard!

Submitted by Nancy Iandoli
Selection of the Month Committee

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