Arrangers’ Guild Meeting, March 21, 2023, Class 5

The Arrangers’ Guild met on March 21, 2023, for Class 5.

Linda Hensler, Director, had a few announcements:

NOTE: Next month, our April Arrangers’ Guild meeting will be one week earlier, on April 11, due to the Spring Festival and the FFGC Convention.

Help is needed to set up and take down at the Spring Festival. Please sign up if you can help Friday, April 7, starting at 3:00 p.m.

May 9th is the date for the District VI Spring meeting at the Hammock Dunes Resort, Palm Coast. The Arrangers’ Guild was asked to make the floral centerpieces for each table. The Garden Club has donated funds for the purchase of flowers and greens needed.

Our Instructor for this Class was Penny Decker.

This Class 5 will be using features, accessories, and bases (optional).

A feature is necessary for your design but should not be plant material.

An accessory is added to a design but, if removed, should not take away from the original design.

You can use a base to set your design on, but it should be portioned to the design and for its weight. A base could be a simple object like a piece of wood. A base can be optional.

Your design needs the 4 Attributes of a Design: Beauty, Harmony, Distinction, and Expression.

Our next class will be Class 6, April 11, 2023, to make a design that shows what Florida is all about!
Examples: your floral design should show perhaps something about beaches, golf courses, or sunshine, just to name a few that represents Florida!

Submitted by: Nancy Iandoli
Photos submitted by: Nancy Iandoli

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