April 2023 Selection of the Month

Deborah and John Sewell of Cochise Ct. have been recognized as April 2023, Selection of the Month by The Garden Club at Palm Coast.

Originally from Utah, they moved to Palm Coast in 2015 to escape the snow.

They have created their colorful landscape with many bromeliads, starting with only two, and now they are climbing and multiplying on their Queen palm tree. They are grateful for the generosity of their friends and neighbors for sharing their plants.

Their most prominent variety of bromeliads is the common Neoregelia Martin, which produces many pups (babies). Given a lot of sun, they will become beautiful red/pink.

They also have several birds of paradise blooming throughout their landscape. The one near the front door entrance is well sheltered year-round from frost and cold winds and blooms.

In the back patio area facing the canal, they have much diversity of plants such as blooming cacti, the bright pink crown of thorns in a multi-color ceramic boot, Flaming Katy orange kalanchoe, calla lily, several jade plants, snake plants, a dracaena (corn plant), variegated philodendron, beautiful wooden fish driftwood with air plants attached, pink amaryllis, other varieties of bromeliads, orchids, a stunning Alocasia Polly (elephant ears) and even a money tree (Pachira aquatica. And it all started with just two bromeliads!

Nice job, Sewell family!

Submitted by Nancy Iandoli
Selection of the Month Committee

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  1. Ann says:

    What a beautiful landscape!

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