The Arranger’s Guild Floral Class – March 22, 2022

The Arranger’s Guild met today at the Flagler County Extension Office for their monthly meeting and floral design class.

Linda Hensler, Director, was absent due to a family illness, therefore, Sue Bara, was our Facilitator for the class. Sue also had her For Sale table items in the back of the room for whoever needed to purchase additional supplies.

Kathleen Terlizzo, made an announcement to the class to please do not start working on your arrangement until instructed to do so by the trainer and especially for our new members who are just starting out and want to learn.

Kelley Callery, a Garden Club and Arranger’s Guild member was our instructor for the class on “How To” create a Spring design.

Today’s arrangement was to make a Spring bouquet with or without Easter eggs and/or a bird’s nest theme. The students were provided by the club with a round bowl, Easter eggs, and a bird’s nest. Students were to bring their own flowers and greens. Those who had none were provided some by all who had extra to share.

Kelley showed the class how to use a wet oasis and/or needle pin in the bowl, then how to start arranging your greens around the bottom to fill in spaces. Flowers were then added throughout.

Tip #1: When making a table arrangement, always remember not to make it too high so your guests can talk and see each other and fill in the back of your arrangement as well with your flowers and greens. However, if your arrangement will be displayed near a wall then you can make it higher, and no need to fill in the back area.

Tip #2: Only make one hole in the oasis for each flower and greens. Do not pull it out and reinsert it in the same hole.

The students all made beautiful arrangements as you can see in the photos provided.

For more details about The Arranger’s Guild, please contact:
Linda Hensler, Director
Tel: 386-437-2613

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