The 2019 Garden Tour

After a postponement due to heavy rains on October 19, the Garden Tour was held on Saturday, October 26 from 9-4. Scattered showers did not deter the over 100 attendees from visiting the eight residential gardens in Palm Coast. This year the club contracted for a 20-passenger van for an additional charge allowing participants a carefree day.

Each garden was selected for its plant diversity and design. Garden accessories such as water features, colorful pots, sculptures, wind mills and seating were tastefully placed in many of the gardens to add an element of interest. Some gardens featured bromeliads, tropical species, perfectly shaped hedges and topiaries, natives, and vegetables.


There was also an education in the use of different types of mulch. Some gardeners used cypress mulch because it does not float, others used fine pine bark, and another used environmentally friendly Florimulch composed of shredded melaleuca, an invasive exotic in South Florida. However, one of the main attractions was the 3-6 inches of pine needle mulch used by one of the homeowners. He proclaims it prevents weeds and also allows the soil to breathe as well as acidifying the soil.



Three garden locations were a rest stop for ice tea, lemonade and baked goods provided by members of the club. Luckily for the people on the van, the homeowner at the last garden had grilled hot dogs for the group!

All in all it was a very successful fundraiser for the club.

Article by Jane Villa-Lobos.

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4 Responses to The 2019 Garden Tour

  1. I totally agree! The Garden Tour was a total success and special thanks go to the homeowners who worked so hard to keep their gardens beautiful in spite of hurricane threat, hot summer days and lots of rain! Also. another special thank you goes to all the coordinators and volunteers who came through volunteering their time especially with the rain date!
    Nancy Iandoli

  2. Judith Davies says:

    Wonderful article, Jane…it was a grand day !. So many people in attendance were gardeners and very interested in the differences in each homeowners landscape design. The comments were reflective of a job well done by all. And all though it did rain…it didn’t bother a soul…true gardeners all! Judith

  3. Rose M Worley says:

    It sounds absolutely beautiful, Wish that I could have attended, However been nursing a knee injury so wasn’t about as much as I wished to be, Maybe if there is one next year?
    Unfortunately I have not been attending my own garden but last eve much to my surprise I found defoliated Milkweed plants and also at least 15 very ravenous caterpillars. I tried to rescue a few by moving them to a plant or two that still had leavea.s. This morn, (thursday Oct 31) I stopped at the home depot and purchased the tropical type (three plants) placed some of the caterpillars on them . Will monitor to see how long these three plants last, Any advice? Thanks still trying to save the Monarchs.

    • Nina Freeman says:

      I would really love to get the milkweeds varieties straightened out. Sometimes I read we should cut them back so the monarchs aren’t encouraged to stay here?
      Also I have so many aphids? (I think) making mine look awful! Would appreciate any advice! Nina Freeman

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