Plant Sale at the Farmers Market in Flagler Beach

October 20, 2017

The Garden Club at Palm Coast organized a huge plant sale at the Farmers Market. It was a bit breezy, but otherwise weather cooperated nicely.

Set up started at 7 am under the leadership of Jane and there was a good crowd of volunteers to set up the tents and tables.


The crew ready to kick off at 8am

More than 300 plants were available for sale, most of which were produced by the members of the Propagation Guild. Five tables were loaded with plants and twice as many plants had to be displayed on the ground in front of the tables.

The Arrangers Guild manned a booth where the art of flower arranging was being demonstrated by Linda and other guild members. The guild was also selling decorative flower pots.


Membership was present to promote the club and Ellen handed out promotional materials.





Right from the opening at 8am there was a nice flow of shoppers with sometimes even line ups at the cash register operated by Susan. Several customers went on a genuine shopping spree.



Expert advice was available to help the shoppers making a choice.





There was a great variety of plants to chose from: succulents, perennials, herbs, hanging baskets, cacti, mini arrangements in pumpkins, etc.

A satisfied team at closing time.


Sales results were excellent with about 70% of the available merchandise sold.

Great job done by the whole team!!!

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