November Yard Selection of the Month

The Garden Club at Palm Coast have selected Jim and Doreen Cathers of 17 Fleming Ct as November Yard Selection of the Month.

The Cathers are originally from Chicago and moved to Palm Coast in 2006.

Their lovely yard has several islands of colorful flowers, flowering bushes and palm trees. The center island has a large Magnolia tree, a split leaf Philodendron, pink, purple and white Mexican Petunias, 2 small Bottle Brush and pink and white Pentas.

In the side corner lot island their landscaper installed a unique large oval shape rock with a hole in the center and it is surrounded by Asparagus ferns with red berries, heart leaf pink Ice plants, purple and white Mexican Petunias, 2 Pygmy palms in pots, and a very old Phoenix Reclinata Palm.

Going up to the front walkway you are greeted by a duck family and several frog ornaments. There is a red Ixora bush (aka Jungle Flame), a large potted Rubber tree, Pink Bleeding Hearts and Bird of Paradise.  Along right side of garage you have climbing Sky Flowers and creeping Fig vines, a large Cardinal Holly, Wondering Jews, pink Christmas Cactus and many bright red Ornamental Pineapple bushes. There are several hedges throughout the yard of colorful pink flowering Loropetalum with its pink shining leaves.

In the pool area you have a pink, orange and yellow Bromeliads in a pot, Pectra Croton bushes, red, orange, pink and yellow Hybiscus trees, a peach Christmas Cactus, pink Crown of Thorns, a split leaf Philodendron, even a potted Money tree!   Potted fruit trees consist of Lemons, Limes, Blood Oranges and Papaya.  Doreen is always seen outdoors working in her gardens and she even propagates her own plants.

Submitted by Nancy Iandoli

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