November 2021 Selection of the Month

November 2021 Selection of the Month

Debra Isham of President Lane has been recognized as November 2021 Selection of the Month by The Garden Club at Palm Coast.

Debra Isham

Debra Isham of President Lane

Debra and her husband formerly from Wisconsin moved to Palm Coast three years ago. Debra’s love for gardening came from spending time in the garden with her mother on their 4 acres. When she moved to Palm Coast she quickly learned that plants from her Wisconsin Zone 4 would not work in Florida in Zone 9B. Therefore, she joined The Garden Club 2-½ years ago. With a little bit of patience and some help from her garden friends she finally figured out what works here.

When Debra bought her house there was very little landscaping and she has turned it around into a beautiful sanctuary of numerous plants and whimsical decorations and beautiful planters. Many of her unique planters come from various yard sales and thrift shops.

You are greeted at the doorway with a hanging Welcome flag, a variety of succulents in decorative pots as well as in a piece of driftwood. There are beautiful orange and pink ground orchids, a red geranium in a pottery basket, a lily fountain, snake plant and white mandevilla vines.

The front and side yards have spiral and shampoo ginger, crinum lilies, mini bottle brush, bleeding heart vine, caladium, little gem magnolia, variegated liriope, Mexican heather, bromeliads, crape myrtle, plumbago, bird’s nest and moonshine sansevieria.

The back yard is full of so many various plants, fire bush, agapanthus, star spider lily, mother of thousand, crown of thorns, Kings mantel, blue iris, gerber daisy, dwarf princess flower, rain lily, coral plant, cape honey suckle, roses, purple salvias, rosemary, elephant ear and kalanchoe.

The She Shed

Debra Isham’s ‘She Shed”

In the back yard we were totally amazed to see her “She Shed”. It has French doors with a wreath on each, a decorative dragonfly on the exterior wall. The inside has an armoire with fancy glass sketched doors filled with various fancy pots and gardening books. She claims this is her work space but it is so nice you could live in it or at least have afternoon tea or a glass of wine! Her husband made her a very nice workbench outside the She Shed. She also has a compost bin which explains why she has such a green thumb and it is evident in her beautiful landscape all around her property.

Submitted by Nancy Iandoli
Selection of the Month Committee

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