March 2020 Yard Selection of the Month

John and Elizabeth Caruso of Eric Drive have been recognized as March 2020 Garden Selection of the Month by The Garden Club at Palm Coast.

John is originally from New Jersey and Elizabeth from France. They moved to Palm Coast from Mexico City, Mexico in 2003.  They both enjoy working in the yard together.

The front door way has potted red Mandevilla and white Vincas and 2 planted Crotons. The front of the house has a 3-tier waterfall and a large pink Bougainvillea vine along the garage with a Boxwood hedge and a row of Society Garlic. The walkway entrance has a potted pink Bougainvillea and a potted New Guinea Begonia.

The front island has two Fan palms, one of which they planted on a slant.  It also has a large coquina rock, Crotons and red Pentas.  The right side of the house has a very tall cascading pink Bougainvillea vine and the entire length of the side yard has a long dense hedge of Confederate Jasmine and when in bloom adds a wonderful fragrance to surrounding area.

The back yard has 3 large Bird of Paradise, variegated Ginger, Century plant, Hawaiian Ti, 2 large Philodendrons and a long hedge of Viburnum.  John removed some Spanish Bayonet from the front yard and threw it in the side yard and was amazed it grew, multiplied and created a hedge. It is a very tough plant!

The pool area has potted variegated Ginger, Petunias, Poinsettias, pink Christmas Cactus, Hibiscus, orange Vincas, Peace plant and 2 Areca Palms in decorative pots.

Submitted by Nancy Iandoli
Selection of the Month Committee

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