March 2018 Yard Selection of the Month

Don and Dolores Ryan of Boulder Rock Drive have been recognized as March Selection of the Month by the Garden Club at Palm Coast.  They moved to Palm Coast from Connecticut in 2001.

Their front yard was heavily damaged from the hurricane but they diligently worked very hard to recreate their gorgeous oriental landscape!

Don has a passion for creating beautiful bonsai trees shaped from Hemlock bushes. On either side of garage there are two tall bonsai bushes. Left side of front door you have a lovely stone bed and red mulch with a usable crossover bridge, pink, white and lavender Azaleas, a large leaf Bird of Paradise, a potted pink Rose bush, a Hawthorn tree with little pink buds and a tall Red Bud tree with beautiful pink flowers.

To the right side of front door is a lovely sitting area and benches to enjoy their lovely yard as well as a big island that has two lovely crossover bridges, two large metal Cranes enjoying the beauty, deep pink Carnations, bright orange Impatiens and Mums in pots, a fragrant pink Rose bush, a Japanese girl statue as well as several oriental Pagoda Lantern Statues throughout with Juniper bushes, round-shaped Boxwoods and each island has several large round stepping stones that the Ryans had engraved a Japanese letter or symbol on each of the stones which adds a nice finishing touch. A must see to enjoy all the beauty this exotic front yard has to offer!

Submitted by Nancy Iandoli
Selection of the Month Committee

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