January 2021 Selection of the Month


Benita and Rey Mayo of Whittington Drive have been recognized as January 2021 Garden Selection of the Month by The Garden Club at Palm Coast.  Originally from the Philippines, they lived in Chicago and would vacation in Palm Coast where they had their house built in 1995 and while vacationing did the entire landscape then finally moved to Palm Coast in May of 2000.

This very diverse landscape has many impressive large crinum lilies of pink and white variety throughout the entire property.  The front island has a topiary cedar tree next to a round shape maple tree that Rey is proud of! There is a fire spike bush surrounded by red bromeliads, variegated irises, century plant, snake plants, pagoda, pink and white vincas and a large spiny interesting Yucca  Aloifolia.

The front area also has holly bushes, crape myrtles of pink, white and purple.  There are camellias, oyster plants, devils tongue, white cactus, Hawaiian ti, plumeria, canna lilies and hot pink azalea.

As you head towards the back a princess of the night (fragrant after 6 P.M.), cambia (very fragrant from the ginger family), calamondin (lemon and lime), banana trees (they use the flower to make pickles for salad) anda moringa tree with long bean-like fruit and the leaves are used as an herb. Among other fruit trees they have pomelo (grapefruit), avocado, and navel oranges.

A very interesting landscape for the cold month of January to enjoy and get excited for spring arrival!


Submitted by Nancy Iandoli

Selection of the Month Committee


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