January 2020 Yard Selection of the Month

Gerry and Phil Wohlfert of Whitting Place have been selected as January 2020 Selection of the Month by The Garden Club at Palm Coast. 

In 1992 the Wohlferts retired and moved to Palm Coast from the Bronx, NY. They have been in this house for eighteen years. 


The Wohlfert’s garden is a combination of country cottage with a white picket fence along with a few traditional sections.  It is on three lots but only two are landscaped; the last one is wide open waiting for a future plan. Over time they have planted and replanted many varieties of vines, shrubs and trees.  They take joy in providing for the wildlife with shelter, food, two flowing water fountains, three bird baths and many birdhouses throughout.  They enjoy all the birds, hummingbirds, a variety of bees and lots of butterflies that come and visit.

The front walkway welcomes you to Gardenias, Hydrangea, Fire Spike, Texas Sage and Heavenly Bamboo (Nandina) with red berries and pink flowers. As you keep viewing the front area there are C0ontie palms, yellow Cassia, Pinwheel Jasmine, blue Butterfly Glory Bower.  As you go around the house there is a weeping Yaupon Holly, variegated Caladium, Pagoda plant, Liriope, purple Salvias, and Porterweed with purple blossoms.

On the side there is a trellis with purple Passion vine, a bird house and below grows Blue Daze and Lobularia with white knight blooms.  There is a curved lattice fence with hanging Spider plants, Portulaca and a nest with a bird.  The back yard has pink Encore Azaleas that bloom year round, climbing Knockout Roses, purple Clerodendrum, pink Orchids, white Camellias that bloom in December, Cherry Laurel bushes, Timber Bamboo and Yeddo Hawthorn.  These gardens were so full of interesting perennials, bushes and trees that it was very educational.

Submitted by Nancy Iandoli
Selection of the Month Committee

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