Garden Club Display at Palm Coast Library

FL State Symbols

The Garden Club at Palm Coast installed an educational display on Florida’s State Symbols at the Flagler County Public Library in Palm Coast for National Garden Week which will continue through the month of June. The display includes photos of 15 state symbols as well as a short description of each. Books pertaining to some of the symbols are next to the exhibit which is located on the piano.

The official state tree, the Sabal Palm, was designated in 1953. Sabal palmettos are native to the southeastern US, Cuba and the Bahamas and are extremely salt tolerant and can grow to 65 feet tall. The state flower is the orange blossom and the state wildflower is the coreopsis, which is planted extensively in Florida for highway beautification. Animal symbols include the American alligator, Florida panther, manatee, mockingbird, largemouth bass, dolphin and zebra longwing butterfly to name a few. Visit the library and learn more about the Sunshine State’s official emblems.

Article by Jane Villa-Lobos

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