Farmers Market Tractor Supply

September 28, 2019

After the success of last year’s Farmer’s Market in front of the Tractor Supply Company store on Belle Terre in Palm Coast, we were eager to participate in this year’s edition. The Garden Club was again the largest vendor at the Farmer’s Market situated on the Tractor Supply parking lot.




One tent was in use by the Arrangers’ Guild. The Guild members were demonstrating flower arranging and selling their creations.




In another tent Kelley was selling crafts and photos for her own account,







Four tents were utilized by the Propagation Guild to sell plants.





We sold a large number of plants, although the dollar amount was less than last year. There was not as much foot traffic and we had fewer plants for sale. All in all the sale was a success.




We also had a large number of packets of seeds for sale, donated by Jane’s neighbor.






And our unique species of cactii (stone) and other crafts were also available.




We look back on a good sale event.

Article written by Marínus G.
Photography by Nancy Iandoli and Marínus G.


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