Whispering Meadows Ranch Garden Renovated

Whispering Meadows Ranch is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization
founded in 2008. It is located at 5011 John Anderson Highway, Flagler
Beach. You can visit their website here: Whispering Meadows Ranch
The ranch provides those with various disabilities and special needs a
safe, outdoor experience combined with the magical spirit of horses.
Programs offered are therapeutic horseback riding, nature and
sensory activities, summer camps, field trips and many community based
festivals and events.

  • Equine – Assisted Activities (PATH Int’l) Professional Association of Therapeutic
  • Work Skills Program- Program for Young Adults with disabilities to encourage
    independence through social and recreational activities. Projects incorporate the barn,
    property maintenance and nature activities to boost self-esteem, accountability and
    interest in new activities.
  • Stable Moments – Weekly mentor program to help change and brighten children age 5-21 who are in foster care or recently adopted. Activities are focusing on outdoor
    activities, building healthy relationships and life skills.
  • Veteran Program – Provides a place of peace and refreshment for Veterans and their
    families. Activities promote inner strength, relationship skills and re-establishing trust in their surroundings.

The Propagation Guild committed to redoing the Whispering Meadows Ranch welcome area with a new garden and the road entrance into the property.

Our monthly meeting was held at the ranch on August 1st and guild members planned a garden which was completed on August 11th.

Welcome Area Garden – before

Welcome Area Garden – after PG treatment







Left side of gate ……………….

……………. Right side of gate


The PG weekend warriors

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One Response to Whispering Meadows Ranch Garden Renovated

  1. Jane Villa-Lobos says:

    To Members of the Propagation Guild,
    Ladies and Gentlemen… you do “beautiful” work. You arrive and you literally “dig in” and when you leave, the beauty of nature is left behind as your calling card. Everyone on the premises, as well as all who enter the premises, is treated to colorful, floral displays. It takes work and an “eye” to create what you created for us. Thank you!!!
    Such kindness, such a willingness to do for others is an admirable trait of the human character. It warms our hearts to meet people like you! Again, many thanks. The Whispering Meadows Ranch Family

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