September 2020 Garden Selection of the Month

Jackie Huseman of Beechwood Lane has been recognized as September 2020 Garden Selection of the Month by The Garden Club at Palm Coast.

Jackie moved to Palm Coast in 1992 from Rochester, NY and has been living at this location for seven years. Jackie enjoys working in her flower gardens always adding to her diverse selection enhancing this curb appeal landscape.

Jackie has added a center island with an interesting blue wishing well along with asters and a  Phoenix robelinii palm.

The beds along the house have an elephant ear plant, African daisies, plumed cockscomb, crotons, purple and white curcuma lilies, orange canna lilies, golden trumpet , pink Belleza gaura, leopard plant and a sable palm. To the right side of the garage Jackie has started a new island with her propagated pink Belleza gaura, heather and buttercup plants.

Moving towards the back yard there is a starburst bush, large philodendron, a long hedge of buttercups and an enormous orange canna lily plant.  Along the pool there is a century plant, potted red geranium, orange canna lilies, Indian hawthorn, red hibiscus, coontie palm and pink and green caladium.

Submitted by Nancy Iandoli                                                                                                   Selection of the Month Committee

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