Selection of the Month – May 2019

May 2019 Selection of the Month

Liz and Ed Mummert of Ellsworth Drive have been recognized as May 2019 Selection of the Month by The Garden Club at Palm Coast.

They moved to Palm Coast in 2005 from Virginia. They bought their house in 2011 which was originally a rental that needed much renovation as well as their landscape became a complete makeover.

The Mummert yard was recognized Selection of the Month 7 years ago and have continued to make much progress to enhance their landscape with native plants, bamboo, and many varieties of succulents planted on top of rocks even inside a beautifully decorated cement waterspout!

Their yard is located on a corner lot and due to deer eating their plants they have chosen to make a large part of their landscape with beautiful rock gardens and several palm trees.  The terra cotta edging compliments the rock gardens and the beautiful large copper statues, flower pots, a Buddha meditating and a boy sitting on the ground enjoying all the beauty that surrounds him.    Mrs. Mummert loves frog statues and turtles as there are many shapes and sizes scattered throughout the gardens including three on top of each other as if playing leap frog!  The front yard welcomes you to a peaceful waterfall with baby turtle statues climbing up the rocks.

They grow Century plants in pots to control their size and propagate the babies to make more!  They have several Pony Tail palms throughout their landscape and have planted all their palm trees such as Queen Palms, Sylvester and European Palms.

The driveway has a welcome bird sign surrounded with Blue Daze and a striking blue Delphinium.  The colors continue with purple and pink Phlox, pink and white Daisies, Firecracker bush, Vincas, yellow Coreopsis with an Armadillo statue grazing.  On the left corner of garage you have a bench with a frog sitting under a tall canopy in deep thought while the youngsters are frolicking around.

Submitted by Nancy Iandoli                           Selection of the Month Committee

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