October Yard Selection of the Month

The Garden Club at Palm Coast selected Terry and Eddie Wodecki of 49 Cochise Ct as Selection of the Month.

They are originally from Springfield Massachusetts and moved to Palm Coast in 1996.

Their yard was spared of severe damage from the hurricane as they still have colors in the yard.  In the front beds there are yellow Buttercups, pink and white Vincas, beautiful Fuchsia plants in bloom, Crown of Thorns, Amaryllis, Geraniums, red flowering Hibiscus, a red Lipstick Plant, orange Pagoda and several Bird of Paradise in orange blooms as well as a beautiful yellow and blue Bird of Paradise.

For green plants there are Prayer plant, Banana Plant, Peace plant, Aloe, Mint and Jade.  Flowering trees of Oleander, Crape Myrtle, Bougainvillea, Bottlebrush, yellow Cassia, Lemon tree, three Fig trees and several palms.

The back yard pool area has in pots Hot Peppers, Basil, and Rosemary.  There is a purple Trumpet plant, a white Whipporwill and a Queen of the Night (a white fragrance flower that only blooms at Midnight)!

Terry seldom buys plants as she propagates many of her plants and sago palm pups and always has new plants started as she loves working in the yard.  It’s a lovely property and will catch your eye when you drive by!

Nancy Iandoli

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