Mount Dora Garden Tour

On Sunday March 31st  Carol Geran, Rosie Byard and Nancy Iandoli went on a field trip to Mount Dora to attend the 15 Annual Garden tour of 5 beautiful homes and gardens.








Garden #1 had Bamboo Orchid, RattleSnake plant, a Spinach Tree and a waterfall rock garden in pool area.



















Garden #2 had a large Shrimp plant, a purple hanging Orchid and a Star Burst plant as well as milkweed, sage, begonias to offer food for butterflies and hummingbirds.








Garden #3 The focal point of this yard was the slope that had a waterfall and river bed to attract birds and wildlife. There were two tall Philodendron plants climbing up two big trees. There was a variety of flowering shrubs and perennials.










Garden#4. This yard was once an abandoned property and brought back to life with flowering shrubs and trees.  Beautiful pottery is filled with Bougainvillea and other ornamentals to add color as well as favorite greens and herbs close to the back door for easy picking. Metal structures blend in with plantings to create a tropical garden.








Garden#5 has metal structures as well and wind chimes.  There is a hanging monkey made of plant material, perhaps moss. The backyard has a large tree stump that has several Bromeliads and other plants attached to the tree. This yard is certified by the National Wildlife Foundation as a Wildlife Habitat and Monarch Way Station.















Article by Nancy Iandoli
Photography Nancy Iandoli



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