March 2019 Yard Selection of the Month

Lauren and Simon Bettencourt of  Wood Cedar Dr. have been selected as March 2019 Selection of the Month by the Garden Club at Palm Coast. 

They moved to Palm Coast in 2006 from Rhode Island.  Lauren still works but when at home she is diligently working in the yard.

The front yard island has a display of red, pink and white Periwinkle, a rich and vibrant two-shaded pink Crinum lily, Firecracker bush, purple Salvias, purple Camellia and a Christmas tree shaped Burford Holly tree. Next to the house you have Queen palm, a fan palm, and pink Periwinkles.

To the right of the entry way there is a stone bed area with two Bird of Paradise, a Fan palm, a pink Rose bush, red Amaryllis and a red Mandevilla plant.

The back yard welcomes you to an island with yellow Hibiscus, a hanging orange Geranium, pink Periwinkle, with red Daisies among purple Salvias, Buttercups, accompanied with herbs of Rosemary and Basil that all surround a tall Sylvester palm.

Along the back fence you have purple Salvias, pink and white Periwinkle and a Butterfly bush.  To the right side you have a Majesty Palm that has at the base a red Geranium and a stunning Chandelier Kalanchoe succulent that is truly worthy of its name with bell-shaped clusters of blooms in shades of pink, white and purple. This is the first year it has bloomed and adds much excitement and beauty to the landscape.

The patio area has a pink Christmas Cactus, a red Bromeliad along with a large Snake plant and various other potted plants.

Submitted by Nancy Iandoli
Selection of the Month Committee

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