January 2019 Yard Selection of the Month

Danielle and Scott Colvin along with son Trevor of Clearview Ct. North have been recognized as January 2019 Selection of the Month by the Garden Club at Palm Coast. 

They moved to Palm Coast in 2015 from Northeast Georgia. Scott has been working hard all year planting and designing his beautiful landscape and in all his beds he has added weed free Pine Straw which he prefers to call it “A Touch of Southern Charm”.  He has made a slight raised grass elevation that really adds character to his lawn as well as a small edging of grass is incorporated in his front bed along with a beautiful tall pink Canna Lily plant, Foxtail Fern, purple Mums and Ixora bushes. The welcoming Sky Blue door and  the large wooden front entry step reminds you of a Key West dock area!

On the right island you have Mona Lavender (orchid like blooms), a Roebelenii Palm (Pygmy date palm), several mounds of purple African Iris.  He also added a touch of a whimsical little car and a tall pink Oleander tree.

The middle island greets you with a splash of colors of orange Mums, Sun Flowers, orange Marigolds, a Christmas Palm (aka Adonidia), several clusters of yellow Lantana bushes, red and orange Firecracker bushes and two tall Palmetto Palms.

Moving towards the left side and heading to the back you have an elongated island with orange Canna lilies, purple Liriope plants, Ixora, a large leaf Rubber tree and a large Foxtail Palm.  There is a Butterfly bush, Japanese Fishtail Palm, Bird of Paradise, small Banana tree, red Cedar, purple Fountain Grass and a Sea Grape bush near the canal.  Along the patio you can find Crotons, pink Crown of Thorns, yellow Canna lily, pink Bromeliad, yellow Shrimp plant, Macho Fern, Pony Tail Palm, Hawaiian Ti, Asparagus Fern, Basil and Rosemary.

Submitted by Nancy Iandoli
Selection of the Month Committee

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