Huge Plant Sale 9/22, a Report

A small portion of the plants offered for sale

September 22nd, 2018.

It was announced as a HUGE Plant Sale and that is what it was. The members of the Propagation Guild brought 400-500 plants and between 9 am and 3 pm many plants got sold.

It was a great success for an important part due to the inspirational leadership of Jane Villa-Lobos.

Flower arrangers at work


The Arrangers’ Guild also participated and throughout the whole day two or three members demonstrated the noble art of arranging flowers. The completed arrangements put on display and offered for sale. Quite a few found new owners who could adorn their living room or dinner table with live, fresh and fragrant flower arrangements.


The Treasurer and Head Cashier in the center


The checkout counter waiting for the first customers. During most of the day they were quite busy receiving payments (cash or credit) and bagging the purchased goods. Net profit for the day was $875.




Kat selling wheat grass for Cats


Members of the Propagation Guild also sold fruits of a different kind of creativity in the form of seashells filled with Sedum or AirPlants, as well as mini pumpkins with air plants. These items were selling like hotcakes.

Furthermore there was wheat grass for sale as a treat for our beloved feline pets.


Time for a well deserved break

We were located in front of the entrance to the Tractor Supply store. The store visitors could hardly avoid us and foot traffic was great. Just like at the Ag Museum we had the largest booth of all participating vendors.

It was a successful event for the Club and fun for the participants. The weather was beautiful with from time to time a nice breeze and some clouds shielding the sun.

Hundreds of propagated plants were sold. No worries, there are more where they came from. Still plenty of stock available for our next event, the Annual Creekside Music & Arts Festival  during the first weekend of October.

Reserve the dates in your Calendar: October 6 and 7. We will see you then at the Princess Place Preserve in Palm Coast.


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