Arrangers’ Guild Meeting September 19, 2023

Our first meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Linda Hensler, Director.

We had a new member join, Kristi Morris, who also has volunteered to be the Club’s Vice President. A warm Welcome and Thank You to Kristi.

Old Business: Linda had an Arrangers’ Book returned and has two empty binders. One was given to our new member.
Sign-up sheets were passed around to sign up for the monthly Club arrangements and for our monthly refreshments at our Arrangers meetings.

New Business: Flower show: Read official rules to know what is required and what’s not allowed.
Theme is “Holiday in Florida” Some entries under Special Times are Class 1.” Springtime”, Class 2. “Serve Mother in Bed”, Class 3. “Taste of Fall: Class 4. “Christmas in the Sunshine”
Also, for Botanical Arts Class 1. “Keepsakes” Vacation Across Florida design.
For Horticulture there will be several various entries. Check Horticultural rules and classes.

Proposed future meetings:

October 17, 2023: Next month Becky Lindhorst will do her training on Petite Miniature’s. We will not be making any at this meeting.

November through May: TBD

Library Christmas Tree: Andrea Rogers announced plans for this year’s tree decorations.
Items were bought this year to make it a red and green tree with red sparkly poinsettias, red berries with greenery, red decor mash, large pinecones, and red birds.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:45

Respectfully submitted: Nancy Iandoli

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