Arrangers’ Guild Meeting – October 18, 2022

The Arrangers’ Guild met on October 18, 2022, for their first class of 6 units. Our first class was entitled vertical design, demonstrating the crescent and asymmetrical design.

At 10:00 a.m., Linda Hensler, Director, called the meeting to order.

Linda wanted to thank Dee Cocchiola, who volunteered to help Linda whenever needed with our meetings.

Linda introduced our Class Instructor, Margaret Kirkpatrick.

Margaret gave a short history of how classes in floral design started with Bob Thomas and classes continues today. Each of us has a new world of creativity to discover eventually. We need to take as many classes as possible to practice the Principles of Element, Design, and Creativity.

For Traditional Design, you start with the smallest flowers at the top (usually 3) for a straight-line design, then gradation moving down to the base. You could also add clusters of flowers if you prefer.

After a short break, the students got to make their own creations. Margaret Kirkpatrick critiqued each one and was very impressed with how well our first-time students made their designs. Great job to all!

Our class 2 and meeting will be on November 15, 2022.

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