5th Annual Spring Festival and Plant Sale – a Great Success

The 5th Annual Spring Festival and Plant Sale took place on Saturday April 8th. More than 40 vendors participated and the Garden Club had a huge plant sale. The weather was great, bright sunshine and a cool breeze. It could not have been better.

Town Center was the new location for the festival and the beautiful setting worked very well. Central Park offered ample space and the winding pathway invited for a leisurely stroll along the many vendor tents. There were kids activities, such as kite building and flying as well as train rides. Various types of food were available, so visitors could spend a day at the festival.


Highlight of the Festival was the plant sale organized by the Propagation Guild. More than a thousand plants were offered  for sale and most of them found new owners.





Club members were very engaged in assisting the customers with their selection of plants and almost all customers left with one or more plants.




Expert advice was available to answer the customers questions about plants: sun or shade, dry or wet, height, salt tolerant, native, invasive, herbs, succulents, annual or perennial???? The answers helped to close many a sale.


The club owes a lot of thanks to the Spring Festival Project Manager – Denise Garcia, as well as the fabulous Spring Festival Committee Chairs: Arrangers Guild – Linda Hensler; Bake Sale – Annette Rowe; Children’s Crafts – Ellen Werner; Festival Vendors – Kathleen Terlizzo; Membership Kiosks – Ellen Werner; Propagation Guild and Plant Sale – Jane Villa – Lobos; Publicity & Raffles – Janet Correia; Sponsors – Faith Kaskisto; Student Posters and Student Volunteers – Jan Wulff; Treasurers for the Day – Tom McKean. The extensive preparation effort and excellent project management resulted in making this Spring Festival a great success for the Garden Club.

The hard work by numerous other club members is also very much appreciated. During many months hundreds of plants were propagated – they looked great!! At the event many club members helped setting up on Friday and played multiple roles in the management and execution of the show on Saturday. Without your united efforts this would not have been possible. Excellent job!!!

We also have to thank a number of other parties who have provided support to the Spring Festival in various ways. Our wonderful sponsors who donated funds, services and/or goods. Several groups of High School students and Boy Scouts worked tirelessly during the Festival.

Thank you so much to all of you!!!

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  1. Denise Ann Garcia says:

    What a day we had, a very big Thank you goes out to our wonderful Vendor chair Kathleen Terlizzo and her team! The Vendors this year where outstanding and the smoothness of the set-up and design of the booth areas could not have been better.

    Thank you, Kathleen for such an outstanding day!!

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