Books on Florida Gardening

Compiled by Jane Villa-Lobos
Revised August 2022

100 Orchids for Florida. Jack Kramer. 2006. 118 pp.

A Cutting Garden For Florida, Third Edition. Betty Barr Mackey and Monica Moran Brandeis. Revised 2001. 144 pp.

A Gardener’s Guide to Florida Native Plants. Rufino Osorio. 2001. 345 pp.

A Step-by-Step Guide to a Florida Native Yard. Ginny Stibolt & Marjorie Stropshire. 2018. 136 pp.

Adventures of a Transplanted Gardener: Advice for New Florida Gardeners, Ginny Stibolt. 2022. 192 pp.

Attracting Hummingbirds and Butterflies in Tropical Florida: A Companion for Gardeners. 2015. Roger L. Hammer. 280 pp.

Best Garden Color for Florida. Pamela Crawford. 2003. 348 pp.

Best Native Plants for Southern Gardens: A Handbook for Gardeners, Homeowners, and Professionals. Gil Nelson. 2010. 352 pp.

Betrock’s Florida Plant Guide. Edward Gilman. 2000. 163 pp.

Betrock’s Guide to Landscape Palms. Alan Meerow. 1992. 153 pp.

Botanical Keys to Florida’s Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines. Gil Nelson. 2011. 200 pp.

Bromeliads for Home and Garden. Jack Kramer. 2011. 158 pp.

Butterfly Gardening with Florida’s Native Plants. Craig Huegel. 1991. 35 pp.

Central Florida Butterflies and Their Host Plants. A Complete List of Native Host Plants. Sharon LaPlante. 2018. 119 pp.

Citrus Growing in Florida. 5th edition. Frederick Davies & Larry Jackson. 2009. 352 pp.

Coastal Florida Gardening. A Botanical Perspective. Stephen Spotte. 2009. 230 pp.

Coastal Garden Plants: Florida to Virginia. Roy Heizer. 2013. 160 pp.

Common Coastal Plants in Florida: A Guide to Planting and Maintenance. Michael R. Barnett and David W. Crewz (eds.). 1997. 124 pp.

Common Grasses of Florida and the Southeast. Lewis L. Yarlett. 1996. 168 pp.

Complete Guide to Florida Gardening. Stan DeFreitas. 2005. 321 pp.

Complete Guide to Florida Wildflowers: Over 600 Wildflowers of the Sunshine State including National Parks, Forests, Preserves, and More than 160 State Parks. (Wildflowers in National Parks Series). Roger L. Hammer. 2018. 392 pp.

Container Gardens for Florida. Pamela Crawford. 2005. 368 pp.

Create Your Own Florida Food Forest, David The Good. 2015. 58 pp.

Daffodils in Florida: A Field Guide to the Coastal South. Linda M. Van Beck and Sara L. Van Beck and Catherine Bull. 2004. 184 pp.

Design & Care of Landscapes & Gardens in the South. David W. Marshall. 2012. 353 pp.

Design & Care of Landscapes & Gardens in the South. Volume 2. David W. Marshall. 2014. 80 pp.

Edible Landscape Plants of Florida. Jean Lindsay. 2012. 162 pp.

Ferns of Florida. A Reference and Field Guide (Reference and Field Guides). Gil Nelson. 2000. 208 pp.

Florida’s Best Fruiting Plants: Native & Exotic Trees, Shrubs, and Vines. Charles R. Boning. 2006. 232 pp.

Florida’s Best Herbs & Spices. Charles Boning. 2010. 200 pp.

Florida’s Best Native Landscape Plants. 200 Readily Available Species for Homeowners and Professionals. Gil Nelson. 2003. 411 pp.

Florida’s Carnivorous Plants: Understanding, Identifying, and Cultivating the State’s Native Species. Kenny Coogan. 2022. 112 pp.

Florida’s Edible Wild Plants. Guide to Collecting and Cooking. Peggy Sias Lantz. 2014. 200 pp.

Florida’s Exotics: Unusual Plants for Garden and Home. Jack Kramer. 1998. 192 pp.

Florida’s Fabulous Flowers: Their Stories. Winston Williams. 1985. 64 pp.

Florida’s Incredible Wild Edibles. Richard J. Deuerling & Peggy S. Lantz. 1993. 74 pp.

Florida Butterfly Caterpillars and Their Host Plants. Marc C. Minno, Jerry F. Butler and Donald W. Hall. 2005. 360 pp.

Florida Butterfly Gardening: A Complete Guide to Attracting, Identifying, and Enjoying Butterflies. Marc C. Minno and Maria Minno. 1999. 224 pp.

Florida Fruit & Vegetable Gardening: Plant, Grow, and Harvest the Best Edibles (Fruit & Vegetable Gardening Guides). Robert Bowden. 2015. 256pp.

Florida Gardener’s Guide. 2nd edition. Tom MacCubbin & Georgia Tasker. 2001. 288 pp.

Florida Gardener’s Handbook: All You Need to Know to Plan, Plant and Maintain a Florida Garden. Tom MacCubbin, Georgia B. Tasker, Robert Bowden and Joe Lamp’l. 2012. 272 pp.

Florida Gardening by the Sea. Mary Jane McSwain. 1997. 208 pp.

Florida Gardening on the Go. Lynette L. Walther. 2010. 166 pp.

Florida Gardening: The Newcomer’s Survival Manual. Monica Moran Brandeis. 2007. 140 pp.

Florida Getting Started Garden Guide: Grow the Best Flowers, Shrubs, Trees, Vines & Groundcovers. Tom MacCubbin & Georgia Tasker. 2013. 260 pp.

Florida Landscape Plants: Native and Exotic. John Watkins, Thomas Sheehan & Robert Black. 2005. 480 pp.

Florida Lawn Handbook: Best Management Practices for Your Home Lawn in Florida. Laure E. Trenholm & J. Bryan Unruh (eds.). 2005. 224 pp.

Florida Month-to-Month Gardening: What to Do each Month to Have a Beautiful Garden All Year. Tom MacCubbin. 2014. 240 pp.

Florida Orchid Growing – Month By Month. Martin Motes and Jo-Anne Rosen. 2010. 195 pp.

Florida Survival Gardening. David Good. 2020. 192 pp.

Florida Top 10 Garden Guide: The 10 Best Palms, 10 Best Vines – The 10 Best of Everything You Need – The Plants Most Likely to Thrive in Your Garden. Editors of Sunset Books. 2006. 272 pp.

Florida Trees & Wildflowers: A Folding Pocket Guide to Familiar Plants (Wildlife and Nature Identification). James Kavanaugh. 2018. 12 pp.

Florida Wild Flowers and Roadside Plants. C. Ritchie Bell & Bryan J. Taylor. 2007. 332 pp.

Florida Wildflowers. A Comprehensive Field Guide. Walter Kingsley Taylor. 2013. 584 pp.

Flowering Shrubs and Small Trees for the South. Marie Harrison. 152 pp.

Flowering Trees for Central and South Florida Gardens. Maxine Fortune Schuetz. 1990. 146 pp.

Flowering Trees of Florida. Mark Stebbins. 1999. 144 pp.

Gardening and Landscaping in Central Florida. A Low Maintenance, Environmentally Friendly, Personalized Approach. Marlys Bell. 2004. 229 pp.

Gardening for Florida Butterflies. A Complete List of Native Host Plants. Sharon LaPLante. 2018. 119 pp.

Gardens by the Sea. Creating a Tropical Paradise. The Garden Club of Palm Beach. 1999. 208 pp.

Gardens of Florida. Steven Brooke and Laura Cerwinske. 1997. 128 pp.

Grasses of Florida. David W. Hall. 2019. 368 pp.

Groundcovers for the South. Marie Harrison. 2006. 157 pp.

Guide to Florida Fruit & Vegetable Gardening. Robert Bowden. 2010. 288 pp.

Guide to Successful Gardening in Florida’s Zone 9A. Flagler County Master Gardeners. 2012. 142 pp.

Guide to the Gardens of Florida. Lilly Pinkas and Joseph Pinkas. 1998. 192 pp.

Herbs and Spices for Florida Gardens: How to Grow and Enjoy Florida Plants with Special Uses. Monica Moran Brandies. 1996. 246 pp.

Illustrated Plants of Florida and the Coastal Plain. David W. Hall. 2020. 576 pp.

Landscaping with Conifers and Gingko for the Southeast. Tom Cox and John M. Ruter. 2013. 296 pp.

Landscaping for Florida’s Wildlife: Re-creating Native Ecosystems in Your Yard. Joe Schaefer and George Tanner. 1998. 96 pp.

Landscaping in Florida. A Photo Idea Book. Mac Perry. 1990. 253 pp.

Month-By-Month Gardening in Florida. Tom MacCubbin. 2006. 288 pp.

Mushroom of Florida Identification Record Book: Keep Track of Mushroom Sightings (Mushrooms Around The World). Hello Wild. 2022. 119 pp.

National Audubon Society Field Guide to Florida. National Audubon Society. 1998. 448 pp.

Native Bromeliads of Florida. Harry Luther and David Benzing. 2009. 126 pp.

Native Florida Plants: Low Maintenance Landscape & Gardens. Robert Haehle & Joan Brookwell. 2004. 360 pp.

Native Florida Plants for Shady Landscapes. Craig N. Huegel. 2015. 304 pp.

Native Florida Plants of Drought- and Salt-Tolerant Landscaping. Richard Wunderlin and George Kish. 2013. 160 pp.

Native Plant Landscaping for Florida Wildlife. Craig N. Huegel. 2010. 336 pp.

Native Plants for Florida Gardens. Stacey Matrazo & Nancy Bissett. 2020. 216 pp.

Native Wildflowers & Other Ground Covers for Florida Landscapes. Craig N. Huegel. 2012. 336 pp.

Natural Florida Landscaping. Dan Walton and Laurel Schiller. 2007. 110 pp.

Organic Methods for Vegetable Gardening in Florida. 2013. Ginny Stibolt & Melissa Contreras. 336 pp.

Salt Tolerant Plants for Florida Landscapes. William F. Barrick. 2006. 80 pp.

Shade Gardening for Florida. Monica Moran Brandies. 2003. 143 pp.

Sustainable Gardening For Florida. Ginny Stibolt and John Markowski. 2009. 272 pp.

The Art of Maintaining a Florida Native Landscape. Ginny Stibolt. 2015. 296 pp.

The Ecology of the Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines of Northern Florida. Robert W. Simons. 2021. 438 pp.

The Florida Lawn Handbook: Best Management Practices for Your Home Lawn in Florida. Laurie E. Trenholm. 2005. 224 pp.

The Garden Tourist’s Florida: A Guide to 80 Tropical Gardens in the Sunshine State. Jana Milbocker. 2021. 206 pp.

The New Southern Living Garden Book: The Ultimate Guide to Gardening. The Editors of Southern Living Magazine. 2015. 768 pp.

The Right Plants for Dry Places: Native Plant Landscaping in Central Florida. Suncoast Native Plant Society. 2005. 128 pp.

The Shrubs and Woody Vines of Florida. Gil Nelson. 1996. 392 pp.

Totally Crazy Easy Florida Gardening: The Secret to Growing Piles of Fllod in the Sunshine State. David The Good. 2015. 112pp.

Tough Plants for Florida: Low Care, No Care, Tried & True Winners. Felder Rushing. 2005. 240 pp.

Trees of Florida. Gil Nelson. 1998. 338 pp.

Trees of Northern Florida. Robert K. Godrey, Herman Kurz and Mary Livingston. 1977. 311 pp.

Tropical Trees of Florida and the Virgin Islands. A Guide to Identification, Characteristics ad Uses. T. Kent Kirk. 2009. 210 pp.

Vegetable Gardening in Florida. James M. Stephens. 1999. 144 pp.

Wildflowers of Central Florida: A Guide to Common & Rare Native Species (Quick Reference Guides). Roger L. Hammer. 2010. 12 pp.

Wildflowers of Florida. A Field Guide. Jaret C. Daniels & Stan Tekiela. 2010. 428 pp.

Wildflowers of the Florida Keys: A Field Guide to the Wildflowers, Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines of the Region (Wildflower Series). Roger L. Hammer. 2022. 240 pp.

Your Florida Guide to Bedding Plants: Selection, Establishment and Maintenance. Robert Black and Edward Gilman. 1998. 71 pp.

Your Florida Guide to Butterfly Gardening: A Guide for the Deep South. Jaret C. Daniels. 2000. 104 pp.
2nd Ed. 2022. 256 pp.

Your Florida Guide to Perennials. Selection, Establishment, and Maintenance. Sydney Park Brown & Rick K. Schoellhorn. 2006. 124 pp.

Your Florida Guide to Shrubs and Trees. Selection, Establishment, and Maintenance. Edward Gilman, Robert Black and Sydney Park Brown. 2013. 256 pp.

Your Florida Landscape: A Complete Guide to Planting and Maintenance. Robert J. Black and Edward Gilman. 1998. 240 pp.