Thank You Note Flagler Schools

Please find attached a thank you note from the Flagler County Education Foundation and Flagler Schools for your participation in the scholarship program.

Please play the video:

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May 2018 Yard Selection of the Month

Helen Hunte of  Boxwood Lane, Palm Coast has been recognized as May Selection of the Month by The Garden Club at Palm Coast. 
Ms. Hunte was born in Trinidad, moved to the US on 9/13/1970 to New York for 35 years then retired and moved to Palm Coast 12/11/2004 to take care of her aunt and has been here for 13 years.

The front yard has an island with two big beautiful bright pink Tea Roses which has many clusters of roses. There is a Sabal Palm in the middle and a back ground of small penny round shaped  Boxwood bushes.

The front door area has several potted grayish Graptopetalum plants (AKA Ghost plant) that make tiny white star like flowers with a yellow center. They reproduce themselves when their leaves fall off.  She has an edible Pimento Pepper tree and a Meringa tree.  There is also a red Rose bush which was not yet in bloom and a yellow Croton.

On either of side of the garage there are two nice Topiary bushes and along the driveway is a beautiful Trumpet Flower bush with yellow blooms turning into a pretty peach and white color.

This yard has curb appeal with its beautiful splash of spring colors along with several green Boxwood hedges throughout the yard.

Submitted by Nancy Iandoli
Selection of the Month Committee

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FFGC Convention 2018

Convention Booklet


This year the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs Annual Convention took place at the World Golf Village in St Augustine. It was the 92nd edition of the Convention organized by the 94-year old FFGC.

The proximity to Palm Coast was a great incentive for members of our club to participate or visit.

A Flower show was one of the events connected to the 2018 Convention. Flower shows are held every other year. Many members of the Garden Club at Palm Coast visited the Flower Show and/or participated in the Convention.


The Four Award Levels

Several members of the GCPC submitted plants and arrangements to the contest and many awards were won.

There are four levels of Awards: First, Second and Third Place, as well as an Honorable Mention

Here is a selection of the entries submitted by GCPC members.


Arrangers Guild

The GCPC Arrangers Guild participated in the Flower Show. Flower arrangements were sent in by Linda Hensler, Kathleen Terlizzo and Sue Bara. A Collage was submitted by Pam Lace.

Arrangement with a Bamboo structure created by Linda Hensler

Illuminated arrangement created by Kathleen Terlizzo











Both Linda and Kathleen scored a Second Place

The mask on the left, created by Sue Bara, received an Honorable Mention.

Collage by Pam Lace, received an Honorable Mention

Sue also submitted an Arrangement and received an Honorable Mention for that.

Propagation Guild

The Propagation Guild was represented at the Flower Show by Jane Villa-Lobos, Judith Davies and Marinus Grootenboer.

Judith with her First Place winning Terrarium with Succulent Design.

Judith’s Neoregelia ‘shamrock’ Bromeliad, Second Place











Judith won THREE First, two Second and one Third Place.

Jane showing her First Place winning Phalaenopsis orchid.

T. xerographica submitted by Jane and winning First Place








Jane won FOUR First Places and one Second Place. Her winning Phalaenopsis also won a Flower Show Award (Green Ribbon)

Prize winning entries by Jane










Marinus’ First Place winning Hoya

Second Place for Marinus’ purple Phalaenopsis orchid










The prize harvest for Marinus: One First, one Second and three Third Places. Also one Honorable Mention.

The Garden Club at Palm Coast did very well.  Great job y’all!!!!


Reporting from the FFGC Convention,

Marinus Grootenboer

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Bulletin “Clippings” April 2018

The April 2018 Bulletin is Available for Download






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Arrangers’ Guild Meeting

The next meeting for the arrangers guild is May 1, 2018.

It will be class 9. Also our last meeting for the year. We will have a pot luck for our food. Should be a fun time for all.  I will be sending another email to give all the needed information.   Any question you can always call Linda.

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Spring Festival 2018 – Radio Commercial

Take a listen to our new radio commercial spot for the 2018 Spring Festival:

You will hear this spot when tuning in to Flagler Radio in the week preceding the Spring Festival:

  • KIX Country 98.7FM
  • WNZF News Radio 1550AM, 106.3FM
  • KOOL 100.9FM
  • Beach 92.7FM
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Bulletin “Clippings” March 2018

The Garden Club March Bulletin is available for download:


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March 2018 Yard Selection of the Month

Don and Dolores Ryan of Boulder Rock Drive have been recognized as March Selection of the Month by the Garden Club at Palm Coast.  They moved to Palm Coast from Connecticut in 2001.

Their front yard was heavily damaged from the hurricane but they diligently worked very hard to recreate their gorgeous oriental landscape!

Don has a passion for creating beautiful bonsai trees shaped from Hemlock bushes. On either side of garage there are two tall bonsai bushes. Left side of front door you have a lovely stone bed and red mulch with a usable crossover bridge, pink, white and lavender Azaleas, a large leaf Bird of Paradise, a potted pink Rose bush, a Hawthorn tree with little pink buds and a tall Red Bud tree with beautiful pink flowers.

To the right side of front door is a lovely sitting area and benches to enjoy their lovely yard as well as a big island that has two lovely crossover bridges, two large metal Cranes enjoying the beauty, deep pink Carnations, bright orange Impatiens and Mums in pots, a fragrant pink Rose bush, a Japanese girl statue as well as several oriental Pagoda Lantern Statues throughout with Juniper bushes, round-shaped Boxwoods and each island has several large round stepping stones that the Ryans had engraved a Japanese letter or symbol on each of the stones which adds a nice finishing touch. A must see to enjoy all the beauty this exotic front yard has to offer!

Submitted by Nancy Iandoli
Selection of the Month Committee

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Bulletin “Clippings” February 2018


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February Yard Selection of the Month

Bob and Karen Kovaly of Egan Drive, Palm Coast have been recognized February 2018 Selection of the Month by the Garden Club at Palm Coast.  They are originally from New Jersey and moved to Palm Coast in 2000.

Despite the recent heavy frosts, this yard had little damage. The Kovalys have a unique corner lot which has big islands from the front yard and continues to go around the side with several varieties of succulent plants and native palms which endured the frost. Center island has a large extended Prickly Pear dessert cactus with red tip flowers, Firecracker and Garlic plants, Arbicolas, Bird of Paradise and a Bottle Brush tree.  The Front door has a large Fig Olive tree and a basket of red Poinsettias.

The Kovalys have an Oregon Grape Holly that makes yellow flowers then deep blue edible berries that look like grapes. Going towards the back there are white Gardenias, a large Magnolia, red and white Azaleas, a large Dogwood that produces white flowers a Florida native from the Gainsville area.  Back yard has lots of native bushes, plants, Fan Palms and a Bayberry tree that produces white flowers, a large Camellia tree with red flowers and a pink Crape Myrtle.

Pool side has a very large Bird of Paradise, a Bougainvillea, large Orchids and yellow and blue Bromeliads.

Near the driveway there is a very unique Monkey Puzzle tree a native from Africa also grows in England and Chile that is very prickly even the stem but when fully grown it will resemble a perfect shape Christmas tree.

Submitted by Nancy Iandoli
Selection of the Month Committee

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