January 2021 Selection of the Month


Benita and Rey Mayo of Whittington Drive have been recognized as January 2021 Garden Selection of the Month by The Garden Club at Palm Coast.  Originally from the Philippines, they lived in Chicago and would vacation in Palm Coast where they had their house built in 1995 and while vacationing did the entire landscape then finally moved to Palm Coast in May of 2000.

This very diverse landscape has many impressive large crinum lilies of pink and white variety throughout the entire property.  The front island has a topiary cedar tree next to a round shape maple tree that Rey is proud of! There is a fire spike bush surrounded by red bromeliads, variegated irises, century plant, snake plants, pagoda, pink and white vincas and a large spiny interesting Yucca  Aloifolia.

The front area also has holly bushes, crape myrtles of pink, white and purple.  There are camellias, oyster plants, devils tongue, white cactus, Hawaiian ti, plumeria, canna lilies and hot pink azalea.

As you head towards the back a princess of the night (fragrant after 6 P.M.), cambia (very fragrant from the ginger family), calamondin (lemon and lime), banana trees (they use the flower to make pickles for salad) anda moringa tree with long bean-like fruit and the leaves are used as an herb. Among other fruit trees they have pomelo (grapefruit), avocado, and navel oranges.

A very interesting landscape for the cold month of January to enjoy and get excited for spring arrival!


Submitted by Nancy Iandoli

Selection of the Month Committee


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December 2020 Garden Selection of the Month

Ophie Cordero of Winter Haven Court has been recognized as December 2020 Garden Selection of the Month by The Garden Club at Palm Coast. 

Ophie is origininally from the Phillipines and lived in Chicago until she moved to Palm Coast in 2008.


The front landscape has a variety of plants. Behind the stone wall you see bromeliads, red miniature knockout roses, plumeria, Liriope muscari (lily turf), pink dwarf oleander, Schefflera arboricola, pindo palms, red and pink hibiscus, yellow ixora, society garlic, yellow and red coreopsis, and bird of paradise.

Along the meandering stone walkway are gardenias, hydrangea, Sampaguita (the national flower of the Phillipines which is used to make a fragrant garland),  ti, orange Ixora, loropetalum, junipers, boxwood, schilling holly, Mammey and Petra crotons, bush daisy, all under a canopy of fan palms, magnolia, holly,  loquat, persimmon, and a fig tree.

The left side of the yard continues to have an abundance of color with coreopsis, ti, Mammey crotons, Mexican petunia, crape myrtle, cassia, plumeria, canna lilies, Schefflera arboricola, Sampaguita, and fan palm.

The back yard has wandering jew under the magnolias, as well as pagodas, jade, ti, a pot of bromeliads, climbing yellow and red mandevillas, a lime tree, and parsely and basil herbs.  Truly a beautiful landscape with diversity.

In absence of an in-person garden club meeting as a result of the COVID epidemic, the Selection of the Month certificate has been handed out on location.

Submitted by Nancy Iandoli
Selection of the Month Committee

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Garden Club Christmas Tree 2020

The Holiday season is here and one of the annual Palm Coast traditions is the Palm Coast Public Library Festival of Trees. Many local organizations decorate a Christmas tree to showcase their club, their good cause, or just display a beautiful tree.

Preparations for this year’s Garden Club tree started a while ago. Kelley Callery created a slew of ornaments.

Here are some shots from last Friday’s Christmas Tree decorating at the Palm Coast Library from the Arrangers Guild.
















Many Thanks to Denise Garcia for allowing us to use her house to decorate the ornaments, Kelley Callery for making the Ornaments, and ALL the ladies who helped decorate both days!

I encourage you to go and take a look yourself at the Flagler County Public Library – Main Branch, you will love the show.

The library is located at:
2500 Palm Coast Pkwy NW, Palm Coast, FL 32137.
Phone: 386-446-6763

Thank You!

Article and photos: Andrea Rogers

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Fall Plant Sale

The Garden Club’s plant sale on Friday and Sat. Nov. 6 & 7 was a huge success! In addition to the 122 bromeliads that were donated from a man in Hammock Beach there were at least 150 propagated plants. The sale was open to club members, family and friends. Masks and social distancing were in effect.

The club is grateful to Linda DuLong who stored the bromeliads for a week and graciously said we could have the sale at her side “preserve” area. A team of Propagation Guild members set-up the tables and organized the plants on Thursday afternoon despite a quick rain shower. Luckily the area was shaded so there was no need for canopies.

The sale ran from 9 am to 1 pm both days. Saturday brought the most attendees as the group decided to post it on Next Door and on the Club’s Face Book page. Jane also posted a temporary sign in the neighborhood to attract passersby.

By noon on Saturday most of the plants were sold, and Denise Garcia took some of the leftovers to sell to her friends in Island Estates.

The profit was nearly $1,000 which was earmarked for the Club’s unrestricted budget. Since the club is not meeting nor having monthly plant sales, this was a good opportunity to boost the bank account to pay the Club’s monthly bills and support its programs.

I want to thank all the people who helped set-up, propagated beautiful plants and worked the sale and came to buy!!! The team was fantastic!

Article and photography by Jane Villa-Lobos
Director Propagation Guild

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hear yeah, hear yeah: Plant Sale in Palm Coast

The Garden Club at Palm Coast has organized a 2-day plant sale on November 6 & 7. The first day – today was a great success.

For Saturday November 7 we still have a great selection of plants available.

Invite your neighbors and friend and come buy some plants from the Garden Club.
Location: 4 Whitt Place, Palm Coast, FL.
Hours: 9 am – 1 pm.

We want to abide by CDC guidelines, so masks will be required and of course social distancing.

It is a great time to plant, so come and support the club.

Thank you, Jane Villa-Lobos and the Propagation Guild.

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Zoom Meeting : Restoring Camellias in Wilmot Gardens

You are invited to attend a Zoom meeting on Tuesday, November 17, 2020, 4:30 – 5:30pm.

The Presenter is Elizabeth (Leah) Diehl, Director of Therapeutic Horticulture, Wilmot Botanical Gardens at the College of Medicine University of Florida.

Leah is one of our workshop speakers for the FFGC Spring Convention in Daytona Beach in 2021.

Register here for the Zoom Meeting

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Arrangers’ Guild November Arrangement

Andrea Rogers created the November flower arrangement for the Arrangers’ Guild.


Andrea:  Here is a picture of the arrangement.

I just bought this new blue vase and have decorated with fall colors and my blue collection.




And enjoy the Video of how it looks in our house with my Fall decorations.

November Arrangement

Article by Andrea Rogers

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November 2020 Garden Selection of the Month

Norma J. Rose of  Ferndale Lane has been recognized as November 2020 Garden  Selection of the Month by The Garden Club at Palm Coast.

Norma is originally from Jamaica, has lived in the Bronx, NY then Connecticut until her final move to Palm Coast in 1995.  She worked for 47 years as an RN.  Her mother was a gardener and being from the islands they both loved the natural beauty.  Norma is a Vegan and lives on a healthy plant-based lifestyle with various plants that she grows.

In the corner area of the garage grows Jamaican sorrel (Hibiscus sabdariffa) an herb plant with tasty leaves ready to pick which has a tart lemony flavor that she uses in salads and makes a delicious drink.  It is also known as red sorrel, roselle, and Florida cranberry.  The red calyces of the cranberry fruit can be made into jams and sauces. The entire front area of her house has a variety of colorful plants such large crotons, pagoda, African daisies, pink caladium, yellow knockout roses, hydrangeas, tricolor ginger (Stromanthe sanguinea), red plumed cockscomb, pink vincas, zinnias, azaleas, and a very interestng Dreadlock croton (Codiaeum variegatum) which resembles a cascade of dreadlocks!

Moving towards the back is a hedge of Schefflera arboricola which brings you to a beautiful watefall pool area that looks like a tropical paradise with bird of paradise, ferns, sabal palm trees, yellow hibicus, pagoda, crotons, Hawaiian ti, and a red anthurium plant. Inside the patio she has many African violets and Christmas cactus.  Behind the pool area are several pots of beautiful pink and red crown of thorns, bird of paradise and sabal palms.  There is also a garden area of sugar cane, collard greens, thyme, rosemary, tomatoes, pumpkins, chive, aloe, and fruit trees such as orange, lime, bananas, and grapefruit.

Before COVID-19 the owner of the “Garden of the Month” would be invited to the monthly Garden Club meeting where he/she would receive a “Selection of the Month ” certificate and a set of photos of the yard. Unfortunately the monthly Club meetings have been suspended due to the COVID restrictions. As a result the certificate is now being handed out on location. In this picture Ms Rose is on the left holding the certificate and on the right Nancy Iandoli who selected and judged the garden.

Article submitted by Nancy Iandoli
Selection of the Month Committee

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Boy Scout Project

The club received a thank you from Philip Cangialosi, a Boy Scout who received a $500.00 club scholarship to aid in his design and installation of a garden to beautify the entrance to the Palm Coast Historical Garden in James Holland Park. Philip and his Boy Scout Troop have worked at the Spring Festival and Plant Sale for several years.









This project was part of earning his Eagle Scout Badge. The garden was planted on October 10 and Carol Walker and Jane Villa-Lobos represented the club. The day before five garden club members assisted in gathering the mulch, trees and plants at various locations in Palm Coast and Ormond Beach.


The garden surrounds the Garfield turtle which will be re-dedicated on October 31 at 11:00 a.m. This turtle is one of the Palm Coast Arts Foundation’s Turtle Trail.


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Arrangers’ Guild Fall Arrangement

The fall arrangement is made in an asymmetrical trailing of imperial red Lilies surrounded by Sunflowers, Thistles,  cream spray Roses and Anigozanthos.













Designed by Debra Isham

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