Driveway Plant Sale – Plant Images

After the cancellation of the 2020 Spring Festival due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Propagation Guild is faced with an inventory of unsold plants. While observing the rules of Social Distancing and Sheltering at Home we are organizing a Driveway Plant Sale.

  • A list of Plants for Sale is distributed via email to all club members. Members without an email address will receive a paper copy via USPS.
  • the list describes the plant with name, flower color, pot size and price/suggested donation
  • an image of each plant can be found here below in the Album of Driveway Plant Sale Images
  • for each item the propagator(s) is/are listed, including her/his email address and phone number
  • available quantities of products are listed under each propagator name
  • the customer submits her/his order via email or phone to the propagator
  • the order needs to be picked up by the customer at the propagator’s address, driveway, no contact.
  • the customer agrees with the propagator on a pick-up date/time slot of 2 hours.
  • the propagator will place the fulfilled order on the driveway during the agreed time slot.
  • checks to be made out to The Garden Club at Palm Coast
  • insert your payment/donation (cash or check) in an envelope with your name on it and drop it in the box at the pick up location

We expect a lot of interest in our Driveway Sale and apologize in advance if your selection is sold out before you get around to ordering.

Album of Driveway Plant Sale Images

Here are the images of the items in the Driveway Plant Sale List. The images are appearing in the same sequence as the items on the sale list.

Click on any image to see a larger version. You can then advance the large images one by one, or let the gallery run automatically as a slide show.