Propagation Guild

Over the years, many members of the Garden Club at Palm Coast have propagated thousand of plants to sell at events to raise funds for the Club’s Scholarship Program.

“It has always been my dream,” says, Jill Carpenter, a long time member and now an Honorary Member, “that more members learn the art of propagation and contribute not only to the Club, but to their own lifestyle.”

Our Mission

The PG is to be a designated group of Garden Club at Palm Coast members who focus on the education and application of horticulturally sound propagation techniques. Its sharing “best practices”, as well as propagating and selling plants.  Its primary mission is to advocate propagation and to educate its members as well as the  GCPC membership.

The Propagation Guild will act as a fundraising group for the GCPC (as a secondary mission). Although the PG is self-sustaining, it operates in accordance with all Club By-Laws, policies and procedures.  If the PG wishes to participate in a GCPC fundraising event, the PG will work with the chairman of that event.

All GCPC members are invited and encouraged to join the Propagation Guild. Come join and learn the art of propagating plants as you enjoy the company of fellow GCPC members.


The Propagation Guild meets on the first Wednesday of each month, September through April, 1:00pm – 3:00 pm at the home of one of the members.

Demonstrations are shown on how to take  cuttings, divide plants and other propagation techniques. There is also the opportunity for exchanging cuttings and plants which will enable members to expand their plant collection.