Bulletin “Clippings” October 2018

The October 2018 Bulletin is Available for Download:


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Audubon Society – Gardening Talk

Thursday, October 11, 6:30pm – Climate-Wise Landscaping

Speaker: Ginny Stibolt, author.
Time: 6:30pm social time, 7:00pm presentation
Location: meeting rooms 114 & 115 at the Palm Coast Community Center, 305 Palm Coast Pkwy NE (at Clubhouse Dr.)

Climate-Wise Landscaping: why a bird-friendly landscape may also be good for our only planet. This presentation is based on topics from the book “Climate-Wise Landscaping: Practical Actions for a Sustainable Future,” which shares 100’s of actions that property owners or land managers (homeowners, communities, and municipalities) can take right now:

1) to help the landscape survive climate change,
2) to help wildlife survive climate change, and
3) to help to mitigate climate change.

The book was written by Ginny Stibolt, a botanist in Florida and Sue Reed, a landscape architect in Massachusetts, with a foreword by Doug Tallamy.

Speaker Bio:
Ginny Stibolt is a life-long gardener with a Master of Science degree in Botany from the University of Maryland. Since moving to Florida in 2004, she has written four peer-reviewed books on Florida gardening, all published by University Press of Florida. She has also coauthored “Climate-Wise Landscaping,” published by New Society Press in 2018. She has written hundreds of gardening and nature articles for various publications, and speaks regularly to environmental and gardening groups.

Check out the 2018-2019 Event Schedule of the Flagler Audubon Society:
Flagler Audubon Brochure

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14th Annual Creekside Festival, a Report

October 7th, 8 pm: The Creekside Festival 2018 is in the books.

The Propagation Guild had been working hard planting cuttings and seeds in order to produce a wide selection of plants for the Creekside Festival.

On Friday our tent was erected, tables were unfolded, table cloths were spread and signs  posted. Most of the plants were delivered. On Saturday morning more plants arrived and were placed on the tables. The sales crew was ready for business.

Please buy me!!!!



The plants were eager to meet their new owners.




The store is open for business



Some last minute discussions between the sales crew.

Some final adjustments of the plants.





…..and then the first customers arrived.





The sun was shining brightly and by mid morning it was already pretty hot.





On Sunday it was a little cooler due to some clouds.

There were clearly more visitors at the festival and as a result more traffic in our booth.

The afternoon was interrupted by a rain shower. This passed in 20 minutes, which fortunately was not long enough to scare away the crowds.

At 3 pm a half price sale was announced which sparked some last minute shopping. At 3:30pm we started packing. While the crew was busy taking down the booth, the cashiers started counting the two day income.

As soon as the profit numbers are available they will be announced here.


The Garden Club looks back at a successful event.

We already look forward to the next event, the 2019 Spring Festival and Plant Sale on April 13, 2019.

Save the Date!!!




one more thing……..

In Memoriam

Kat Munro

Kat was an active member of the Garden Club and the Propagation Guild.

Leading up to the Creekside Festival she and a number of other members produced a series of products for the sale, like Air plants in shells and pumpkins. She grew Wheat Grass from seed in pots for cats to eat, which was selling like hot cakes. On Saturday Kat worked in the Garden Club booth at the Creekside Festival as a motivated sales person.

She was planning to do the same on the second day of the festival. Tragically on Sunday morning we got the news that Kat passed away during the night.

She had lots of plans for the current club season, such as running workshops to teach all kinds of crafts for club members.

Kat will be missed.

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General Club Meeting – October 2018

Dear Club Members,

Monday, October 8, is our next Monthly General Meeting.  We are all looking forward to getting back together and catching up.

Guest speaker is Danielle Anderson, Executive Director of Friends of A1A Scenic & Coastal Byway and Marge Rooyakkers, VP of  Pride.  They will be discussing “BEAUTIFY A1A SCENIC HIGHWAY”.

Plant sale opens at 12:30 pm and the meeting will start at 1:00 pm.

Attached is the meeting agenda: General Meeting October 8, 2018

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Visit Savannah’s Historic District & Gardens


The Garden Club at Palm Coast has organized a trip to Savannah, GA in spring 2019. In addition to visiting one of the south’s most beautiful and historic cities, we will tour seven hidden gardens and enjoy afternoon tea at one location. This “Hidden Gardens Tour & Tea” is an annual event held by The Garden Club of Savannah, a fellow member of  NGC (National Garden Clubs).

For more details and a SIGN UP sheet, download ENJOY SAVANNAH.

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14th Annual Creekside Music & Arts Festival 2018

Saturday, October 6 & Sunday, October 7, 2018
Princess Place Preserve
Palm Coast

For 13 years, the annual Creekside Music & Arts Festival has invited Flagler County residents and guests to gather under the majestic oaks at Princess Place Preserve for a local tradition that celebrates the natural beauty of Northeast Florida.

On October 6 & 7 join us for the 14th Annual Creekside Music & Arts Festival, where this tradition continues.

Visit the Plant Sale

The Garden Club at Palm Coast participates with a booth at the Creekside Festival. We offer hundreds of plants for sale. The vast majority of the plants have been propagated by our active Propagation Guild. Proceeds from the sale are invested in scholarships and community projects.

Come and join us, buy some of our beautiful plants for you home and your garden. We have many unique plants which will give you color, fragrance and joy for many years.

This will be our last plant sales event in 2018. We intend to finish the season with a BANG!!!

Our Garden Club Meetings will continue throughout the winter. Feel free to visit our club meetings which are held on the 2nd Monday of each month, September thru May.
Meetings, unless otherwise designated, are held at The Flagler County Cooperative Extension Service (Ag. Center), 150 Sawgrass Road in Bunnell, Florida.  Meetings begin at 1:00 PM with sign-in at 12:30 PM.

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October 2018 Yard Selection of the Month

Kay and Perry Peruyero of Clearview Ct S,  Palm Coast, have been recognized as Selection of the Month for October 2018 by the Garden Club at Palm Coast.

Kay is a Floridian from Gainesville and Perry is from Cuba. They moved to Palm Coast in 2016.

Their yard is a corner lot with a canal in the back and has several islands of plants, shrubs and flowers.  The landscape has over 40 palms from Majestic, Robellini, and Triangle Florida palms.

The front door has a covered area that welcomes you with a red Bistro table 2 chairs and a lovely Turtle planter with assorted plants and an angel fairy. On the wall is a metal type basket frame that holds many large beautiful sea shells.  Below are several stands and pots of Kangaroo fern, Bird Nest fern, Coleus, Persian shield, Orchids, Star plant, miniature Pineapple, a large Pothos Ivy and Zebra plant.

They have red and yellow Firecrackers, red Crown of Thorns, Little white Butterfly Whisper, red flower Aloes, Crimson Hibiscus, red miniature Knockout roses, devil’s Trumpet and peach Trumpet.

From left side to the back you have a beautiful climbing deep blue Sweet Pea, and a wheel barrel full of assorted plants.  There is a yellow painted step ladder with various plants on the shelves. They also have a red stand that has Persian Orchid, Donkey Tail, pink and white Siam Tulips, pink and purple Shamrocks, white Jasmine, straw flowers and miniature snake plant.  They have a Chinese Lantern, orange Honey Suckle, Ixora, white and purple Bleeding Hearts and a golden Dew Drop bush.

Their fruit trees are Orange, Grapefruit and lemon and some blueberry bushes she harvested one cup full!   Lastly, an unusual plant she calls her “stinky” plant (Starfish or Stapelia) because of its odor, but it has very large beautiful star shape flowers that measures 12 inches across from tip to tip.  All around this landscape has curb appeal with its many colors to enjoy!

Submitted by Nancy Iandoli
Selection of the Month Committee


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Huge Plant Sale 9/22, a Report

A small portion of the plants offered for sale

September 22nd, 2018.

It was announced as a HUGE Plant Sale and that is what it was. The members of the Propagation Guild brought 400-500 plants and between 9 am and 3 pm many plants got sold.

It was a great success for an important part due to the inspirational leadership of Jane Villa-Lobos.

Flower arrangers at work


The Arrangers’ Guild also participated and throughout the whole day two or three members demonstrated the noble art of arranging flowers. The completed arrangements put on display and offered for sale. Quite a few found new owners who could adorn their living room or dinner table with live, fresh and fragrant flower arrangements.


The Treasurer and Head Cashier in the center


The checkout counter waiting for the first customers. During most of the day they were quite busy receiving payments (cash or credit) and bagging the purchased goods. Net profit for the day was $875.




Kat selling wheat grass for Cats


Members of the Propagation Guild also sold fruits of a different kind of creativity in the form of seashells filled with Sedum or AirPlants, as well as mini pumpkins with air plants. These items were selling like hotcakes.

Furthermore there was wheat grass for sale as a treat for our beloved feline pets.


Time for a well deserved break

We were located in front of the entrance to the Tractor Supply store. The store visitors could hardly avoid us and foot traffic was great. Just like at the Ag Museum we had the largest booth of all participating vendors.

It was a successful event for the Club and fun for the participants. The weather was beautiful with from time to time a nice breeze and some clouds shielding the sun.

Hundreds of propagated plants were sold. No worries, there are more where they came from. Still plenty of stock available for our next event, the Annual Creekside Music & Arts Festival  during the first weekend of October.

Reserve the dates in your Calendar: October 6 and 7. We will see you then at the Princess Place Preserve in Palm Coast.


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Huge Plant Sale, September 22, 2018

The Garden Club at Palm Coast will be holding a plant sale on Saturday, Sept. 22nd from 9:00 am to  3 pm at the Tractor Supply Farmer’s Market, 250 Belle Terre Blvd. in Palm Coast. This is on the corner of Belle Terre and SR100, across from Target.

Come and purchase reasonably priced plants propagated by the Club’s Propagation Guild. Proceeds benefit the Club’s programs.

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Bulletin “Clippings” September 2018

The September 2018 Bulletin is Available for Download:


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